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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#205

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This evening there is extreme humidity.
Off and on thunderstorms and rain all day long.
As usual, I hauled away the household which is always performed on Friday.
I did take a nap this afternoon.
Woke up from it a little scared from the thunder and lightning.
After my nap I went out for a cheap supper of a couple of cheeseburgers at the McDonald's Burger Joint at Klemm's Corner in Windham.
I then had to go to the WALMART to purchase a new universal remote control, because the remote control to my little MAGNAVOX DVD player in the downstairs Den had finally died after years of use.
Anyway, I am watching "PATLABOR: The New Files" on DVD right now.
There is as usual nothing worth watching on broadcast TV.
Earlier today I did saw down more of the nuisance shrubs between the house and the wheelchair ramp.
I will of course need to haul everything I cut down out to the back of the yard to the designated brush pile behind our swimming pool.
Well, this Summer my little brother and I have not had the time to open it up for use this Summer.
If I want to go swimming, I will have to drive all the way to Hampton Beach.
Here it is late in the Summer Season, and I have yet to go swimming.

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