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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#204

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A short time ago after I returned home from being over in Keene here in NH socializing with other Aspies, I "emptied-out" my adult potty chair's plastic pail into the porcelain hobby horse in the bathroom.
There was a lot of pee-pee from my body in it.
Anyway, I am still in a wet diaper.
I am still very much wide-awake and I am watching TV online via my laptop computer.
Routines for me do not change very much.
My younger brother has gone to bed after returning home from his job as a Luthier.
We both may live under the same roof, but both of us in many ways lead separate lives.
He has his Luthier job and his Freelance Photography, while I have my Disability Rights Activism and my Volunteer Videography.
After I perform House Chores tomorrow, I will make time for playing with my LEGO Blocks, along with having a "postponed" needed naptime that I did not have today.
I admit that driving long-distance across New Hampshire is cognitively demanding for an autistic adult like myself.
But, I had to do this today, just to socialize with other Aspie adults.
New Hampshire has very little in the way of social groups for adults on the Autism Spectrum.

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