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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#202

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This evening I am at another Board of Directors
meeting of the non-profit I am a Director of.
Of course, I can not discuss what was discussed.
That is a "secret".
I have an interesting and rewarding life as an
older adult with Autism and Cerebral Palsy who is
of course an "Adult Baby".
Maintaining a balance with my "adult" responsibilities
is important, especially for one's own mental
Earlier today, I did go out to the Walgreens
Pharmacy here in my town of Salem, NH.
I will note, that "as usual", I could not find an
unoccupied "Handicapped Parking Space" to park my
hand-control adapted car.
This does always angers me, because my disability of
Spastic Diplegia Type Cerebral Palsy is legitimate.
Leg Brace Boy, me, had to hobble hundreds of feet from
where I ended-up parking to get to the front entrance
of the Walgreen's Pharmacy.
Of course, today has been very hot and humid all day
I am not as tolerant of Summer heat as an older adult
like I was when I was a younger adult.
I will feel better when I finally arrive back home,
after bringing another member of the Board of Directors
back home.
He did get up to Lawrence, MA from Boston, MA via the
MBTA Commuter Rail Train, but, after the end of the
meeting we are in, the next train to Boston, MA at night
will not be until ~ 10:30 PM.

{A little later in the evening...}

I just arrived back home a few minutes ago after bringing
my Aspie fellow Board of Directors member, AD, back home
to catch the MBTA Rapid-Transit Train at Wellington Circle
in Malden, MA just outside of Boston to get him close to
where he lives in Boston.
I am drying my bed sheets and my gentle, soft John Deere
Tractor Blankie that I made pee-pee into last night and
that I washed before going out to this evening's Board of
Directors Meeting of the non-profit organization I am a
Director of.
Adult Babies have to "perform house chores".
One simply can not "be a baby all the time".
One does have to live in the "adult world" to perform what
is necessary for physical survival and to only be in
Adult Baby Mode only in certain places and only at certain
times to be "balanced" cognitively and emotionally.
Well, I guess my day has been busy.
Tomorrow I have to "clean my bedroom".
Little "Adult Baby Boys" have to do this.
I also have more cutting down of nuisance shrubs in the
garden between my wheelchair ramp and the house to saw down with the buck-saw.

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