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Well Padded

Anyone else with nocturnal enuresis and married?

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I didn't wear protection the other night and i ended up peeing all over the bed in the morning. I was only wearing jockey cut underwear, so it didn't take long to find it's way out and on to the bed. I was so embarrassed, even though my wife already knows about my problem. She has been insisting now that I wear EVERY NITE to bed, so that I do not ruin any mattresses, sheets or clothes.

The problem is that I don't like to sleep in diapers every night! It's expensive and sometimes just plain inconvenient to put on a diaper (needed for sleeping - pads and underwear do not work for me).

So I'm stuck with regular diapers, and my wife insists on it these days since my last big accident. I don't blame her, just wish sometimes I was merely an ABDL and not an incontinence sufferer.

Anyone else feel the same or have similar experiences?


  1. boobybird89's Avatar
    I wear every night due to bedwetting, it has been a problem for me for years. I find reusable diapers work great but then I probably only wet a few nights a week. They are easy to clean in the washer and hang dry or on low tumble if you don't have the line dry option available to you. I maybe spend $20 a month washing mine at the Laundromat, which isn't bad compared to how much disposables can cost monthly.
  2. AnalogRTO's Avatar
    I'm one who deals with it as well. If it isn't a nightly thing for you, I would also suggest going for reusable/cloth diapers as well. Even with nightly accidents, I was using cloth with plastic pants for a while as it did save us money. At least with cloth diapers, if you aren't wet in the morning, then you can take it off and wear it again the next night.

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