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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#200

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5:30 PM -

Today has been rather busy for me as a disability rights
Earlier this afternoon I had to be at a social servvices
resources fair in Lawrence, MA in the central city park,
since I am on the Board of Directors of

Anyway, now I am in Downtown Boston at the MA Chapter of the
ADAPT disability rights organization meeting at the Boston
Center for Independent Living Office.
This developmeentally disabled "Adult Baby", ME, is quite
heavillyy involved in the local regional disabled rights
There is more to my life than being Gay, and being an Adult
I have a lot of other things which keep me in the "adult
world", yet, I still take time to "regress" and be baby,
and I am trying to "maintain a balance", to not be engulfed
either to one extreme or another.

10:30 PM -

I finally arrived back home a short time ago.
The Boston, MA MBTA Green Line trolley I rode on back to
the Lechmere Station where I parked my car.
I see it as stupid to drive all the way into Downtown
Boston, when there is public transit available.
One of my Aspie friends lives near the Lechmere Green
Line MBTA Station, and she let me use her "Visitor"
parking permit, so that I would not get ticketed by the
local cops.
She of course does not drive, due to also having
Anyway, I am now comfortable, just in a diaper here in
my bedroom at home.
My little non-disabled brother just got home from his
job as a Luthier.
Oh Well!
My day has been extremely busy.
I did check on my Guinea Pig friend, "Ernie".
He is okay.
I guess I need to wind-down and "regress" to get into
the right frame of mind to go to bed at my usual
bedtime of ~ 1:30 AM.
I will admit to feeling a bit cognitively overloaded
as an autistic due to being on the go since I woke up
this morning at ~ 10:30 AM.
I need to hug one of my soft dolly friends.

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