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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#199

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I just removed my leg braces and got undressed
for bed.
My Sunday has been quiet as usual.
I did check my e-mail and my Aspie friend, DL-G sent me the address where the Boston, MA Chapter of ADAPT is meeting later on this week.
More planning for next month's Disability Educational Series Public Forum about Autism where I will be one of the panelists.
One issue:
Other disability rights organization's policy regarding media coverage.
Being an independent volunteer producer for the Derry, NH Community Public-Access CATV Channel, I do have to be sensitive to the media policies of the different organizations I interact with.
We live in a litigious society, where media exposure is such a double-edged sword, and no matter what one does, one can up and enrage somebody at the drop of a hat to use the cliché.
Anyway, I spent most of today alone, except for attending worship at my church over in Pelham this morning.
I did have my usual Sunday afternoon nap and was in "Adult Baby Mode", lying peacefully in my bed between my side-safety rails, snuggled under my special green John Deere Tractor Blankie.
Of course, I also held my soft baby dolly friends, "Pam" and "Erin" close to my chest, and they truly protected me from "very bad dreams".
I am running low on XL-sized adult diapers again.
When I woke up from my nap, I sat for 2 hours straight on my "Punishment/Hell Chair" Potty.
I hate the "adult" potty chair with all my heart, but I still "use it" sometimes.
Hugging my big teddy bear, "Howard Hug", did make this afternoon's 2-hour "potty chair sitting", "tolerable".
After "potty chair sitting time" late in the afternoon today, I did get diapered and dressed and I went out for Supper.
After I returned home, I watched on my old analog TV in the Den some Japanese Anime.
I also went upstairs into the Kitchen to clean out my Guinea Pig pet friend, "Ernie's", cage and got that necessary chore accomplished.
I did make a few more weather observations at different times of the day and recorded them down in my Weather Observation Notebook.
Anyway, it is late in the evening and my little brother has returned home from his job as a Luthier.
He went to bed, but Night Owl, ME, is still very wide-awake and I will not get to bed until my usual bedtime of ~ 1:30 AM.

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