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first time, first post

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it felt like i had butterfly in my stomach and still kinda do, i was so nerves when i got a them though the lady at the cash register funny thing though me and the old lady at cashier had a small conversation about the fount on the card scanner that you pay with being to small.
the diapers i got were some Walgreen brand ones that were cheap and plenty and they been good so far haven't used them at all but they feel nice so far, make me really now wonder what the really good brands feel like. I also finish inking some art i drew with one of ocs my in a diaper and it came out good,so over all it been a great day.


  1. Scaramouche's Avatar
    Welcome mrmidnight! That was a great story one we can all relate to. There's nothing wrong posting an intro here, but blogs are usually considered personal and not many people look at them. If you want to do a proper intro, go here: Intro and repeat the above and tell us a little more about yourself. Regardless, welcome again and keep on posting!
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