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My stash gone a very sad day for me!!

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Well this is a diaper related blog so I will get started but first I must say just in case:

Please excuse any bad and/or offensive language used in this entry!

First off I had a stash of diapers and pull ups all kinds of stuff I had been saving for years and I do mean years no joke it was an awesome stash of stuff! and about a month ago I had to throw quite a lot of it out!

The reason being is because I had apparently had some rumors going around about me and it involved the cops coming out to my house I just knew they were going to look in my room and find the stuff so I took and threw a lot of it away! Needless to say it F-ing SUCKS!!!

I lost a lot of good stuff finally the cops figured out that somebody wanted to start Sh*+ that they shouldn't have been starting the first place and all has gone well after that but I still lost a lot of my stash!

I mean I had nothing illegal I wasn't doing anything illegal and the cops can tell that but they stiil had to search just to be sure.

I recently took a picture of what I had left of my diapers and pull ups (GoodNites) those are what I still have that is left It really F-ing sucks!! but I have managed to keep moving on I have other things hidden like pacifiers, bottles and such stuff like that but I must keep it hidden until the time is right. (to bring it all back)

which I know you must be thinking well "what could he have done that involved the cops!" well it had to with drugs! F-ing DAMN drugs!!! I don't even touch the stuff I barely take aspirin unless it is badly needed!! it sucks when people spread Complete lies about you especially if you are already on probation!!!

I could have been in very big trouble!!! NOT like they would have found any drugs if I was doing drugs. I don't even drink anymore I have been sober for almost two years from drinking come this October.

you can read about that in some of my other blogs. another thing you might be thinking is "why would he hide or perhaps get rid of his stash!" well in investigations like that I really don't know how all of it works but I do know this that they will definitely search just about everywhere!! which "they" meaning the cops found absolutely nothing not an F-ing thing!

I hope this explains it all I did lose quite a bit of my stash a few weeks back and it sucks but I have moved on from it and put it behind me and writing this blog helped me a lot to get this off my chest.

now if in the future any of you have problems and you know the cops are coming out to your house for any reason not that I condone being sneaky or being a liar because I never would condone it! but hid your sh*+ seriously you do not want to be "caught" in a situation like that!!

anyways take care hide your stashes properly and keep yourselves prepared for anything! stay safe my friends!

Sincerely, Bluefirejay05


  1. boobybird89's Avatar
    I fail to understand why cops care if you have diapers. They can't arrest you or link them to anything, they're legal.
  2. BluefireJay05's Avatar
    Well I just did not want them finding them and asking 1,001 questions about why I have baby diapers and other things so I got rid of them because if they did find all of my stash I would have went through all that harassment of questions about all of and I just did not want to experience that!
  3. Maxx's Avatar
    Unfortunate that someone would be petty enough to make false accusations.

    I totally get the purge. Legal or not, you don't want that sort of personal business talked about in the police breakroom.
  4. SoakedinTexas's Avatar
    I am wondering if this was all someone just saying something. What did the police use as probable cause to get a search warrant?
  5. BluefireJay05's Avatar
    Thanks maxx it does suck that I had to get rid of it and no they question me about it at my house not the police breakroom! LOL

    And soakedintexas well it was someone saying something they pulled a very stupid move on their part! It is over now I am glad and no I nothing to hide so I let them search and again they found nothing!
  6. SoakedinTexas's Avatar
    That was real nice that you "let" them search. But after having the numbers of years I do working in law enforcement you shouldn't have "let" them You should have made them do their job gather the evidence for the search warrant and come back with that. During that time they may have figured out that the case was bullshit and left you alone. Never give up your rights unless you are looking for and wanting to be arrested. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.