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Travel Muses by Egor: the last part!

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SO all in all I did have a good trip.

My main job was to keep my wife company and help her feel safe.

It helps me out when she is holding on to the panic handle and screaming. I finally told her that she is making me more up tight then the IDIOTs that are cutting us off with out signaling.

So while she was at her conference I had the room to my self. Except the one day I made a trip from Phoenix to Polacca in N.E. Arizona.

That trip was the whole reason we drove. I got to talk to my friends up on third Mesa and bought some new art work for my collection. Then I stopped off in Flagstaff and spent $$ on my coin collection.

So the rest of the time I worked on My latch hook rug, looked at the 6 lbs of coins I bought and then ( yes I did) worked on some other projects.

Observation #five: Interruptions.

So since school is out I do not get time to "be Little" or take care of things that need to be done.

SO I took most of my supplies with me and indulged.

One of the projects was to repair plastic pants (I will post a thread in Diaper talk on this).

SO I did some seam sewing that needed to be done. Sure enough as soon as I start the "Bar maid" shows up to check the room bar. Then I get going again and the room service/house keeping shows up. Once they left I finally got a chance to finish getting the three pairs of pants repaired.

So I decided to wear the one light weight pair that I like and sure enough. The other side seam blows out!!!

So I just sewed it instead of trying the hot iron mend method.

The big clincher of OMG. I was not wanting to use the last clean diaper I had so I used a bath towel. I did the origami fold on it and laid down to take a nap. Sure enough As soon as I fell asleep House keeping showed up. I got some pants on before I answered the door, and let them in. So I went over to the desk and worked on my Latch hook rug. They clean the room. The whole time the hem of the towel is pushing on my hip bone and causing me excruciating back pain. Of course they took for ever to do the room and Started asking where the missing towel was? I blamed it on my wife and told them she needed it to make a back rest for the chair in the conference room.

So we left Phoenix and headed North. We decided to cut of the Flagstaff and over to Bakersfield then up I-5. The drive was about the same, but this time I had an issue.

I always get in a discussion with my wife that car colors determine the visibility to other drivers.

Worst case scenario: it is sun set, and I did not realize that I had put my wife's multicolor tot bag next to the door. So I am getting a reflection of it on the driver side second door. I attempted to change lanes and saw nothing in the side mirror of when I looked back over my shoulder. Sure enough there was a Bluish Gray/Silver BMW in my blind spot. I started to come over and this guy laid on the horn and had to follow me for two miles swerving to the edge of the lane between us and flipping me off.
I made a mistake but he had to show that he could be the bigger ........ Jerk.

So that was my trip and people never stop amazing me as to the rudeness and unkind behavior they can show to one another.

The end.


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    I am glad everything went great!!! Seems like you had alot of fun even with all the idiot drivers out there!!! XD

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