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unnumbered- a quick entry for catharsis

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so i move this week , in 2 days i sign paper work for a new lease, its an amazing place.
then 3 days after that i say good by to the place i have been for the last 2 years
i will also be saying good by to my soon to be ex-wife.

i went and reread the post i put up a couple months ago...
i lied , i have thought that i am OK with all of this and i have been wrong so many times.
while i know that there are times to just pull on the big boy pants and rock out, i find my self just spending so much time retreating to my little space.
i lack complete motivation to do any thing .. this really sucks.

but , on the positive side , i happen to be moving in top a place with a friend who
1 knows about my little side
2 is fully accepting
3 has been through a very similar break up
4 motivates me to get of my lazy butt

this is the start of a new chapter in my life
a chapter where i get to fully explore and discover who / what i truly am.
and along with this i will not have to worry about hurting anybody i love in the process.

strength is sometimes hard to find in all of this and there are few out there who understand the intricacies of what this is like. not just the divorce , but the heart break , and the loss of something i thought i had found.
but i look forward to the future and the next few months.
Surely things can only get better from here on out!

Thank you to those who still read my blogs, as emo as they are. We will see you next time !

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