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Daddy was at work late again. I cleaned up the house some, but that was after I binged and purged. I also found mold on our walls downstairs because our furnace has water coming from it. I wish I could have days where I play, take naps, be fed and cuddled. When Daddy gets home he changes my diapey but sits on his phone most nights. It hurts. I have to ask him to change diapey and clothes instead of just doing it. He needs a lot of direction in the Daddy department I suppose. These are reasons why I want and yearn for a Mommy. One to help Daddy and two, well I just want to be little. Even if it's only like once every week or two. The more often the better. No luck on this end though... Well some transgenders but that's not what i'm looking for either. I guess it's just going to be an ongoing search for Mommy or Nanny.
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  1. Marka's Avatar
    Well, when all else fails... or perhaps before it fails... at least the TG's are here (or there) for you... you needn't be lonely... even if for now if you are alone...

    You needn't be lonely...

    Better times for you!
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