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Being an AB/DL and having asperger's syndrome+ADHD #3 (Probation, job hunting, and updates!)

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Hello to everyone! This may become a regular blog, Well everyone knows about my Asperger's syndrome or the fact that I "may" have it I am still really unsure! I also know that I have ADHD and the fact that I am an AB/DL none of this affects the rest of me though.

Please excuse any bad/offensive language I just expressing my feelings I will try to keep it censored.

Anyways moving on from that bare with me as I take you through this whole journey of total craziness!!! First off I have been on probation for a very stupid regrettable crime that I committed... UUUUGGGGHHH!!!! and (sigh) but besides that I am still on the job hunt looking for jobs in a small town is NOT an easy task!

It really sucks I cannot even begin to describe how much it really sucks!!!! but the job hunt has not been easy and being on probation has made it a lot harder because you have to tell any place you apply for that you are on probation it is unfortunate but here I sit still unable to get a job in this shitty place that I call home I would love more than anything to have the money. Find a place to live and just get the F-word out of here!!!

Now with all that out on the table to sort of speak I feel as if I am just going no where absolutely F-ing!!! NO WHERE!!! and I need a job to be able to get any where in life as most of you will know. A job is a must have thing.

I will probably talk more about my job stuff in another blog bare with me I am trying to keep these blogs short without taking them too far.

now for talking about the updates I changed my profile quite abit especially concerning the "about me" part of it I wanted to keep it simple and I may still change it some more it seems looking back on it in my mind I made quite a few mistakes and left a lot out of it I wanted to add so I may do that.

I also wrote a new, brand frickin' NEW intro still I made mistakes on it I hope to fix real soon so bare with me on that, I still have a lot to perfect not that I am a perfectionists but things do look a lot better if we all make the proper adjustments.

to those that read this blog thank you!

Sincerely, BluefrieJay05


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    As it shouldn't affect you. I so know the feeling about having to have things perfect. I make and fix so many changes, people tell me I'm obsessed and I tell them I can't help it. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.