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Second Time Shivers

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Hey everyone! I'm sorry about my lack of updating lately; I've been really busy with work and other personal things and just haven't been able to find the appropriate time to sit down and write a good bit of text. Though working at camp has been stressful and eating most of my time I can't say that I don't enjoy it. As a college student I love imparting my knowledge to these scouts so that they can learn something they didn't know before. Even if I only teach them one thing I can leave the session happy. All-in-all I think that working at camp has been one of my most enjoyable experiences in a long time despite the long hours, eating of my time, and stress caused by idiotic scouts and their leaders.

With all of this going on I think it is a natural desire to want to simply relax and forget about it all. As a result I have been patiently waiting for today to come and my my and I happy that its here. Hopefully this will be my last post under the heading "Adventures as a First Timer" because tonight my best friend and I will be getting together for round two. I hate to say it, but I'm feeling nervous again. While I may not feel as nervous as I did the first time I still feel my heart pounding when I think of doing it again, almost as if I still view it as something illegal or just plain wrong. I can't seem to shake that feeling from my adult mind but hopefully as the time nears I can remember to the great time I had last session and just forget about the adult thoughts all together. That aside we have discussed the things that were good, bad, and meh about last time so this time should be even better.

At the moment though (this is actually happening as I type this) she has brought up getting back together as a couple. The last time we talked about this I brought up the main point that it just wouldn't be a good time to do it. I'm going to school and she's staying home (as she already completed her bachelor's degree in chemistry) so the distance is a huge thing. All other aspects aside I think it would just be a bad step to take at this moment in time. I really hope that this thought doesn't hurt our current relationship as best friends and caretaker-baby pair.

So much stuff is going on right now but hopefully the next time I post a blog I will be able to use a brand new heading as I post about my second experience as an AB. Stay awesome everyone!


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    Loved working at the summer camps. I payed money to go effectively. By spending $3000-$4000 AU on my flights and getting paid about $1000AU. I returned 4 times and would again if I didn't feel I was too old now. I can't think of a more positive experience that I've had in my adult life. Some of my best friends came from camp and I only wish I wasn't 2 days flight and $4000 away from them all. The camp director and her family I count as my own family now. Every time I go to the US she let's me stay at her house, takes me skiing, her husband takes me hiking. Love it.

    It is exhausting though. Getting woken 3 times a night, running around, being energetic all day every day, having to cram food really quickly while getting all the kids to eat and the only time to yourself being on the toilet or in the shower. (Unless someone decides to have a conversation with you as you crap)... Oh, The one day off counts as well I guess. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.