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Travel Muses of Egor; Part two.

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Observation 3#

Will driving on I-10 near Palm Springs I was passed by a Black Lexus with a girl who had both of her feet out the window evidently rocking out to the music I could feel while she went by.


Dumb Blonde Child!!!!

Just because your car has cruse control and you are the only one in it, does not mean that you can put your feet out the driver side window and weave in an out of traffic at 90mph without signaling.
I was surprised you where not texting at the same time!!!!

The rest of the drive was pretty much the same kind of thing.

IT was 107 to 110 out in the dessert, two lanes, and the trucks are suppose to be doing 55 and the cars doing 70. So I attempted to drive in the inside lane and was passing trucks. Occasionally I had to slow for a truck passing a slower truck. Which was not a problem. Until some (&(&*%%$*(^ came up from behind doing "not 70".

Observation #4

So we finally get into Phoenix and we are staying in Scottsdale.

The first thing I encounter is a distinct attitude.

To the very noticeable "small" and "select" group that I refer to I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

The want of aromatic emanations of ones scats is highly questionable. This thought maybe a misconception on your part due to the perpendicular orientation of the proboscis orifice to the horizon.

Translated to us simple types:

For that one small group in Scottsdale your shit does stink, and if you stop looking down your nose at everyone you would realize this.

I did have some good food while I was there, but then there was some of the other places we went.

We were invited to this one place for a group outing and the food was OK. I tried two appetizers and they where good. One was a combination of seven types of mushrooms in a spice sauce and hey were OK. The other was a mac and cheese dish that was good also.

There was a pizza place that has a good patty melt (even though that was not what they called it) and the pizzas where cooked in a wood fire brick oven, so the crust got burnt on the one side.

However there was this Mexican café that my wife found on line and they had a 10 course Chef sampler for 50 bucks each. We got there and it is a quant little place that you could not tell where the front door was. So We went in through the patio bar and where greeted by this nice lady. We looked through the menu and decided against the sampler and just ordered some Corn Chowder and dinner plate.


The cup of corn chowder is a big bowl of the best corn soup I have ever had. It makes mine look like clam chowder with corn and wieners in it. I would have like to see the "bowl" size serving. IT was probably the size of a wash tub.

I got the seafood crape, and could not eat it because I was so full. IT was very mild and full of flavor. I took the 7/8 of it back to the motel and had it for a "breakfast" the next day (because the food at the motel was high priced and sucked). The only problem was that the spices really came out when it sat and cooled. It was good, but holy Sh** it was hot. As for observation #4 there was no question on that issue, and there was a blue flame so you could see it.


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    Looks like you had a fun time that was funny about the woman with her feet out the car window. all in all I would say you had a good trip. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.