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Where is homosexuality expressly forbidden?

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I have a question. Where in the New Testament is homosexuality expressly forbidden? I believe it is not. I also believe that there are some things which God gives warnings without forbidding. Alcohol is one such item; there are risks to avoid.

I have been taught two schools of thought on homosexuality in the Bible: follow Leviticus and follow Jesus. I have read for myself and have concluded that the latter choice is more accurate. There are 2 books commonly used to support hatred for homosexuals: I Corinthians and Romans.

I Corinthians is a letter from Paul to the church in Corinth, Greece, to answer some questions and correct some problems. Chapter 6 deals with legal and sexual arguments in the church. Verses 9-11 lists homosexuals with thieves, greedy people, and revilers as not entering the kingdom of God then declares who enters even though some of them were on the list. In English, the homosexual terms are amusing. In Greek, the words are all various male prostitute terms related to "worshiping" (having gay prostitute sex) at the temple. This is why multiple terms are listed instead of just saying "homosexual". Clearly, paying to have sex to worship a false idol may conflict with Christianity.

In verse 12, Paul declares all things lawful to him, but not all things expedient. I believe this means homosexuality is allowable, but it should conform to some guidelines. Just because you can does not mean you should. He continues through verse 19 explaining his meaning so we will not be confused. Verses 15 and 16 are specifically talking about joining together with a harlot (prostitute). Verse 18 says flee it because it is a sin against the body. I would agree; an international temple of prostitutes would be a universal collection of sexually transmitted diseases. Merely entering would risk some nasty diseases which would harm the person's own body.

Ok, that was a long tirade on prostitutes and commands not to do. What are we commanded to do? Verse 20 tells us what we are to do: "...Glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." Could Paul have been any more vague or non-specific? If someone is born gay, transsexual, or asexual, how are they supposed to follow this? Perhaps stay away from STD's and praise God for making them special. If in doubt, pray to God for more personalized directions.

The book of Romans is easier. Paul wrote to the Church in Rome. This is a huge theological writing or basically a mini-summary of the entire Bible by his hand because he could not go in person yet. He starts by describing the evil mind that was the Romans of the time. Part of their evil was doing unnatural things: women would be with women to avoid pregnancy and men would leave their wife alone and be with men to avoid fathering children. Very simple birth control plan and very evil in God's eye. Why? Greed, vanity, and evil desires. This is why the wording is strange to us. There was no love involved between two consenting adults. Far from it. The rich person would select a body that they lusted and use it as a piece of property. The homosexuality was not the evil part; the Romans were the evil part.

Now then, if these things are happening in Rome, what commands did Paul give the Romans to forbid these evil homosexuals? None. An unmarried woman could pleasure herself with her maiden and not violate Paul's commands given in chapter 13. Today, homosexuals can marry and not violate the commands given by Paul in Romans chapter 13. The relevant verse is 9 "Thou shalt not commit adultery."

Speaking of the book of Romans, how should Christians treat gays and lesbians in that book? Chapter 13, verse 10, "Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law." Wow, that really makes me want to grab my pitchfork and torches and head right over to my gay neighbors house and help him with his hay before the rain comes. Right?

I believe too many churches and pastors are clinging to Victorian society standards and expecting the Bible to support their view. That was a brief and unique period of history. It is time to leave it to history books. We need to now consider the following quote from Jesus Christ, "As it is written", and check to make sure we are not adding anything else like traditions, wise tails, or our own desires. The Bible is concerned about our relationship to God, His son Jesus Christ, and our neighbors. Sex is not an important topic. Let us Christians now follow that example.


  1. littlekorkor's Avatar
    I agree completely with this post. Many want to pick and chose what they read out of the bible instead of seeing it as a whole.
  2. giantguy99's Avatar
    Well when homosexuality is "forbidden" in the bible it's not really about homosexuality it's about a specific type of sexual activity that is the problem. You see in order to understand this one needs to understand the definition of sin. Sin is basically anything that prevents a individual from having a relationship with god. If one thinks about sex all the time to the point they are not thinking how to be in accordance with gods will (in the case of christians anyways) then that's technically adultery. You don't even have to have sex to commit that technically if you simply obsess over sex to much for example. But here's the thing. Being homosexual just means you're only attracted to someone of the same gender as yourself right? Well where's the sexual activity going on at that point? I myself am a virgin because I don't want to have a relationship with someone to avoid hurting them. If the ability to get aroused is a sin then we all start doing that every day after the age of 13 at that point probably or whenever we get sexually active. Obviously since being gay,lesbian, or bisexual is a part of us (I'm bisexual fyi) what is so wrong with being yourself if you do no harm to yourself or other's? The answer is nothing. My bisexuality does not get between me and my relationship with God. I don't pick and choose which parts to like about the bible. I merely try it all as best I can. I might not be perfect but I know I'm capable of excellence which does get good results for me.

    I do have to disagree that sex is not a important topic though. I just think it's just something that needs to be talked about to prevent it from becoming a problem essentially. The trick with this is that one needs to learn how to control their sexual desires whatever they may be so it does not get in the way or do any harm to the person in question. It can become a obsession rather easily but all one has to do is work on it to prevent that in the first place. I think by definition adultery is sexual desire not sex which is only a sign of that getting in between a person and their relationship with god. Of course I'm not here to tell people how to live their lives though. I am merely speaking how I live because certain "christians" on this site are not helping the problem by picking and choosing which parts of the bible to follow. I don't but by no means should anyone think I'm perfect or something like that because I just happen to make mistakes as well.
  3. Aidy's Avatar
    I always laugh and laugh with Christians talking about homosexuality negatively. When they quote Leviticus they quote a passage that is in the same context as "adultory." Since adultory in Christianity pertains to basically anyone who isn't in their first marriage having sex, it applies to everyone who's divorced. Christians in Australia have the highest divorce rate out of all religions and non-religions s that must mean Christians add more to evil than homosexuals are.

    An American preacher came to Australia recently and talked on one of our political panel shows on gay marriage. He said it best.

    Christianity is based around a few core principals in the web of Christianity. Love other people, worship God.. and I forget the others. He then said that anything else in the bible is spindely little things around the centre of the web. Christians should first concentrate on the core, and then work on the bits around the edge, which include homosexuality. He then mentioned that The Bible mentions shell fish 8 times and homosexuality twice. He said, logically, Christians really should be campaigning against shell fish.

    It's funny how homosexuality is such a huge issue for Christians, who worship Christ. You would think that if it was that important Christ might have mentioned it at least once. But nope, he didn't even hint at it. So it obviously wasn't as important to him as it is to Christians.
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  4. giantguy99's Avatar
    Yeah there are a lot of christians that miss the detail in Leviticus regarding "homosexuality". It's just a sin to have sex (specifically sodomy) according to the bible. There are a lot of christians who forget there's a difference to being attracted to members of one's own gender (like me) and actually having sex with someone. This works under the presumption that it matters at all because well last I checked Jesus did in fact according to the bible come down and changed the rules anyways. I might be a christian but prefer to support a church that's a hospital for sinners rather then be a museum of saints.
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