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Are there just a few people in this world that may be able to see both sides of a story before judging? We all have automatic judgments and we all have things that get on our nerves (for me people walking slow or driving slow). Also there is a severe lack of understanding when that happens unless the person is obviously disabled. When it comes to a lot of other things in this world though, I'm usually trying to understand both sides of the story and it's usually the one I feel is being attacked or mistreated. Also when someone tends to come off as insensitive. I think for me it comes from a place where I hate to have people angry with me and I grew up being bullied so I can't stand it if someone is attacking another person. Especially for many of the issues I have. Some recent posts here and on my facebook is what brought about this blog. Why not do just a little bit of research before asking questions or stating something. Like on facebook my own family posts things about how lazy over weight people are or body shame when they know I have eating issues. Then on here the one that asked about mental health issues. I know the person wasn't trying to come off as a jerk but some of the comments were. I'm not looking for sympathy when I post about my mental health issues on here or FB. All i'm doing is being myself. My cousin can have cancer but God Forbid I say something on Facebook about how I tried to hurt myself. On here I CAN do that because so many others are open. I learned in High School that the more open I was the more it opened up others. I don't have a lot of social support in my life outside of my therapist. The only other person I have is my boyfriend/Daddy. Even he is hard to talk to sometimes. I suppose I'm trying to understand how people can't look at the big picture before asking questions or passing judgments. Myself included.

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