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monday, monday

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Monday is therapy day for me.

It went well. I brought up how I am beginning to use regression specifically as a calming and coping strategy, and he said as long as it doesn't affect my day to day life in a negative way, go for it and do what I need to do.

I have the best therapist in the whole wide world, I truly do. He is just amazing. I wish I could send everyone I meet who is hurting and needs help to him. He is completely trustworthy and understanding, but so very skilled, particularly at telling the truth when I need to hear it (which is VERY hard to do with someone who has BPD without them feeling criticized and getting defensive.) He has 30 years of experience dealing with every kind of patient imaginable and he just....well, kicks ass. I so look forward to Monday mornings.

It is SO DAMN HOT. Our AC is working as hard as it can but we live on the 2nd floor and afternoons are pretty toasty.

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