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Being an AB/DL and having asperger's syndrome+ADHD #2 (the unexplainable)

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I feel as though I could be on an episode of the X-files sometimes the way that certain things in my life cannot be explained I know a lot of us must feel this way about all of this.

Hello to all reading this blog as stated above life can be really weird for a lot of us especially those who are AB/DL I know it has been for me more times then I care to count.

Seriously like for instance those times that I was just about to be caught in a very regrettable situation OH MAN!!! was that crazy like the fact that having your parents just about catch you wearing a diaper! (That door almost opens and you pull your pants up just in time) and then for about another hour or so you spend trying to get your heart back down into your chest!!!

anyways moving on from that experience almost all of us have been there but enough talking about those kind of experiences like I was saying life can sometimes be like an episode of the X-files.

where as you spend so much time trying to figure out your true purpose in this great big round/spherical/elliptical/blueish-green world we call home right now. It can be like playing both mulder and scully all in one trying to investigate your purpose in life.

I myself may key word is "may" have Asperger's syndrome because I still remain undiagnosed I have explained this in previous blogs. yet I also have ADHD I was on medicine for as a child and everything!

I really hated those days of medicating my self every morning and every afternoon at school those I thought were the rough times of my life boy was I wrong.

after I graduated high school the real world and I do mean the real world hit me and it hit me hard!!! but I have managed to get through and it especially had to throw in the fact that I was an AB/DL crazy right almost damn near insanity at times.

but life has been fun too, not just hard with unexpected twists and turns because all of us have to face that in our lives.

I am sure that someday I will find my purpose in life and obtain the key to happiness the only happiness I get right now is being AB/DL it does make me happy inside and but I just must keep it a separate aspect of my life from the rest of it because even though I enjoy acting little I feel as though it might interfere with the rest of me and I do NOT want to get caught I will tell those few people in my life I absolutely trust to know about and that is it.

I feel as though my parents don't need to know about this right now I do trust them and all but this is something I just do NOT feel I could be open with them about it and still feel the same about it, if that makes sense.

very few people I would ever trust to know about me being and AB/DL outside of ADISC. I really like everyone here and how supportive they are thanks to everyone!!!

I just feel as I was stating earlier in this blog that being caught are perhaps almost caught is a very heart-wrenching and "unexplainable" experience that is why I titled this blog the way that I did "unexplainable"

I hope everyone understands this and that I have explained things a lot better.

Sincerely, Bluefirejay.

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