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Misdiagnosed and still undiagnosed.... I left alot unexplained!! #2

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I felt like in my last blog I left a lot unexplained and I am here to do some explaining.

So here goes Lucy you have some 'splainin' to do!! LOL

Well I would to start again by saying that I felt I left a lot of stuff out in my last blog as stated above I hope everyone can understand it is hard for me to explain things the way I would like to sometimes since it seems like it is in my head a lot better but does not come out of my mouth the same way.

or even on a piece of paper things are just very hard for me to do sometimes so please bare with me as I try to further explain myself in this blog.

I was basically saying in my last blog that I know I have Asperger's syndrome and ADHD I have known about the ADHD since I was a kid. I know I must have Asperger's syndrome.

I know a lot of the stuff I stated in my previous blog I left a lot of it blank I can be very hard for me at times as I stated above.

In 2013 I went to jail for a crime I committed while I was drunk it was a very STUPID!!! thing to do I regret it so much now and that started off my quest to find out was really wrong with me besides being an alcoholic! I have made some very poor decisions and bad judgement calls in my life so far a lot of which I truly regret.

Well that explains one part I left out as to why I was on a quest to find out if I had Asperger's syndrome or not a lot of tests were done to through a doctor that was suggested by my lawyer my lawyer was great, but the so called "doctor" pfffft was NOT!!!

Anyways so I remain misdiagnosed with my ADHD but undiagnosed about my Asperger's syndrome

I feel like I have been going around most of my life not being able to figure out where I fit in I am trying to find my place in life an all that... but I just feel cheated!!!

I hope all of it will be figured out one day I will also state right NOW!!! I have been sober since that night I went to jail back in 2013 and that I received 3 years probation in 2014 for my crime which was "getting off easy" compared to the amount of time I could have received for my crime that I committed which I truly regret!!!

Life has been pretty crazy since then, I am sorry for this blog being so long again I am in no way shape or form trying to obtain any sympathy from any of these blogs just getting my life experiences, stories, and rants out in the open.

I appreciate any comments given it means a lot. Thank you.

Sincerely, Bluefirejay

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