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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#188

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I have had a quiet day all alone by myself today while
my younger non-disabled brother had to work.
I am feeling ok.
I did vacuum the dining area carpet and I did fumigate the
inside of the Sleep/Sofa in the Living Room.
I also swept up a small corner of the Cellar too.
I do have plenty of "adult diapers", but I am having more
"diaper-less time" here in my Bedroom sitting on my
Hell Chair/Adult Potty Chair.
Although my own "real" potty training 53 years ago before
my youngest brother was born was mega-strict and very
coercive, it was necessary for me to be able to be seen as
"normal" as possible and presentable for attending the
"private" Kindergarten I attended at age 5.
Nobody else in Kindergarten "wore diapers", and I was
"programmed" at age 4, that "only babies wore diapers",
and that I was to be a "Big Boy" and go to school.
Of course, as I mentioned before, "going diaper-less" is
really actually helpful with respect to aiding in preventing
and healing any "skin breakdown" from being in very
long-term constant contact with the pee-pee and the poo-
poo expelled uncontrollably from my body.
Being Autistic, I have spent my day alone by myself totally
mute and unable to speak. All I have done, except when I
had to go out in my handicapped-adapted car on a couple
of errands, have only made simple non-speech sighs and
And I am classified as "High-Functioning"?
When by myself, at best, and only when out in the community,
my speech is pretty-much limited to only asking for necessary
things, such as food, medicine or gasoline for my handicapped-
adapted car.
In other words, speech for me is simply to accurately convey
immediate needs and wants, not to engage in extended social
Today, I have not taken a nap today.
Well, it is after 9:00 PM and I am watching television online.
Just an old BBC documentary, "BATTLEFIELD: The Battle for
I think that BBC documentaries on History are better.
Many recent American-made history documentaries are too
politically-biased, especially regarding the American Civil War.
Neo-Confederates are screwing over the teaching of the
history of America to favor their "White 1%'er Point of View".

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