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An Unfortunate Series of Events (Nothing Serious Though!)

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So I've got some bad news to those of you that follow these blogs. Due to unfortunate circumstances my mommy and I had to cancel our meeting yesterday. It wasn't due to either of us feeling nervous about it or anything and I already talked to her to make sure that this wasn't the case. What actually happened is that her family decided that their plans for that Friday had to get get pushed back to later in the night which just so happened to crash right into the time slot that we had planned to meet. While it is unfortunate I can also see it as an opportunity. Our next session is set to be on Saturday in exactly one week so this empty space gives me a bit of time to for both her and I to finish up some last minute things.

The main positive that came out of this is that my Bambino Teddys should be arriving before Saturday so I'll have my first real AB diapers when we meet. Another thing that turned out well is that this gave me the opportunity to direct her here and to other ABDL support forms in case she need to talk to those that have done this before. One of her biggest concerns was that she didn't have enough things to keep me occupied and that she still had a few areas that she wasn't sure how exactly to handle. Now that she has time to browse these forums and ask questions to a more experienced group of people I hope that these worries go away or go down a bit for her.

Well my main objective now (other than waiting) is to make sure that I have everything I could want for this encounter. Here is where I turn to this forum for advice (both in this blog and in a thread that I will post soon). I currently have the following items:

1. Diapers (of course)
2. Wipes
3. Baby Powder
4. Bottle
5. Pacifiers

I wanted to ask the community first of all if there is anything that I left out of this list (with the exception of a few things) that is "essential" to an ABDL experience like mine. I also wanted to know a few things regarding specific supplies that I already plan to get. Firstly I am thinking of ordering a pair of plastic baby pants (adult sized of course) and wanted to know if that is something that is usually considered a good thing to have. Also I was looking to purchase a wolf plushie for myself and wanted to know if anyone was aware of where (physically or online) I could get a good one.

Long story short I see this little unfortunate delay to also be an opportunity to fine-tune the preparations we already had in place. My apologies for not letting you all know sooner but I promise to keep you all posted whenever I can!


  1. Scaramouche's Avatar
    I have no experience in this but I suggest posting it in the AB area. You will get more responses than here in a blog. People do read blogs, but most people either don't or aren't very aware of them. AB Threads At the moment, 37 people are reading the AB threads.
  2. Undisclosed's Avatar
    I have posted in the AB Threads =) Thanks for the advice though! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.