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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#186

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As always, I am such an Autistic "Night Owl".
A while ago I arrived back home from spending
time with a bunch of my Asperger's/Autism friends
I know via We had a Miniature
Golf tournament against each other for fun.
This was earlier in the evening.
This afternoon I spent time hanging around the
North Shore Shopping Mall in Peabody, MA.
There is a LEGO Store there. In the back of the
store there are bins filled with different types of
LEGO bricks, and for ~ $16.00, I purchased a
bunch of them to add to my big blue LEGO tote
box in the downstairs Den room.
I also spent time at the Newbury Comics
discount CD/DVD Store in the mall. I did purchase
another DVD for my personal DVD library for only
Anyway, I am comfortable now, without my leg
braces and just wearing a diaper and a t-shirt.
I will note, that I did feed my Guinea Pig friend,
"Ernie", and I refilled his water bottle.
I also put the clean dishes away out of the
dishwasher machine and started filling it up again
with rinsed-off dirty dishes.
I only run the dishwasher machine when it is
completely full.
On the way home, I did stop at the Walgreen's
Pharmacy in North Andover on MA Route 114,
because I needed to purchase another 28-count
package of XL-sized adult diapers.
I was running low on adult diapers.
Being totally incontinent 24/7, I use a lot of
I did say in an earlier weblog entry, that the only
way for me to be diaper-less, is to confine myself
to sitting in my bedroom on my plastic-pail adult
potty chair.

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