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June Update

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Can't believe it's already the end of the month already. It's been a pretty busy month for me at work. I've pretty much fallen into a routine. By the time I get home from work, I'm pretty exhausted Also lately I guess I've been in a kind of salty mood lately I don't know why but I just feel like I need some alone time because I feel agitated around people. I just need to put myself in time out I guess.

So E3 2015 happened, I didn't watch to much however I did see Fallout 4 which I'm pretty excited for! It should be interesting to see what happened in the apocalyptic Boston, MA in the game. Also I'm pretty excited that there will be companions in the game, so atleast while you're roaming around in the wasteland you'll have a friend to keep you company. I'm super excited for the Pipboy edition of the game. It's going to come with a Pipboy enclosure that you can put a phone into it and use an app to function as a working Pipboy! I've totally put in my pre-order

The other big news is that I've finally decided on a fursona! ^.^ well kind of. I've decided on a young wolf pup as you can see on my avatar. I haven't decided on a name yet but that can come later

I guess that's all from me for this month. Hopefully something more exciting happens in July BAI ^.^/

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