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Setting Up and a Brief Hiatus

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Now that we have covered all of our bases we thought it was about time to start deciding when we would actually have our first meeting. It was decided that Friday night from 6PM to some unknown (to me) time would be our plan. I hoped to have some real AB diapers ready for the encounter but unfortunately I did not anticipate that when ordering Bambinos from Amazon it would not ship two-day if you had prime but that's no problem since I still have ~5 of my Abena L4's left. On the positive side though they do have wetness indicators so if she decides she feels too odd to check me by feeling the diaper she can just look at the outside. Tomorrow I plan to fix my bottle's flow rate, whether that means making sure the ventilation is working how it should or poking holes in the nipple. With all of that set up I'm just left to pick up foodstuff like milk and things that can be spooned (like pudding, yogurt, applesauce, etc.) the day of and then we'll be all set.

The reason we chose Friday was simple; I have a job. That reason is also why I will have to take a brief hiatus in my posting frequency. I will still be keeping up this blog whenever something important happens but I just don't think doing it every night will be possible due to the nature of my position. I am working at a Boy Scout camp which means that all of my days are taken up for nearly the whole day with this week being particularly intense as it is staff week. I think by the end of this week I will be more than ready to have some baby time =P

In new more relating to our coming meeting she asked today about how to powder me. I told her that putting some on the diaper before hand and rubbing it in any areas that would get wet or chafed is the best course of action. I also told her that if she felt awkward rubbing it in those areas that she could just sprinkle it on and it should be reasonably okay. Another thing that I brought up was a suggestion that I not be around (just not in the same room) while she set the place up. I figured giving her complete control of how she wanted to set up the space and leaving it as a new discovery for me would get both of us into role much easier. She said that it would be fine so I think that's how we're going to go about it.

Just as a closing I wanted huge thanks to all of you who have been giving me and continue to give me support, advice, and ideas for this new chapter of my life. I can't explain how grateful I am to have such a great support community like ADISC =)

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