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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#183

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I freely admit, that as an autistic person, I find
that being "polite and diplomatic" is rather difficult.
But, I had to be today, because I had to be at the
grand opening of the new Adult Day Program
Services facility in Haverhill, MA behind the Northern
Essex Community College Campus. Opportunity
Works serves the Developmental Disability Community
in the Lower Merrimack River Valley in Massachusetts.
The non-profit organization I am on the Board of
Directors of, Asperger Works will need the Opportunity
Works Organization as an ally.
I definitely needed some cognitive/sensory "down time"
to reset my cognitive/emotional arousal level after
the stress of sucking up to local Haverhill, MA politicians
and other wealthy 1%'ers, to spread the word about
Asperger Works, the non-profit I am on the Board of
Directors of.

I needed to snuggle quietly in my bed and fall asleep with
"Pam", my baby dolly friend. I needed the rest also,
because I only received 6 hours of sleep last night, since
I had to wake up early to drive from Salem, NH where I
live to Haverhill, MA to be able to participate in this
morning's mandatory social participation event, even though
as an Autistic, I was and I am still feeling very non-social.

I have checked my calendar, and tomorrow I have to
attend this month's local Autistic Self Advocacy Network
meeting. I know, that I have to attend the 25th
Anniversary Rally the Massachusetts State House, along
with the rest of the local ASAN members to celebrate
the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I will note, that every single one of the Republican
Political Party Candidates for President of the United States
wants to "repeal" the Americans with Disabilities Act per
their ruthless Social Darwinism beliefs, all the while
proclaiming how pious they are as "True Christians".

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