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Talking with my "Mommy"

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I still find it strange to use the term "mommy" even though we're talking about doing this for real. It's all still so weird for me to think that I will actually be experiencing something I thought would be my knowledge and mine alone through the grave.

Yesterday I was at her house hanging out with her and her brothers (they're actually the other two good friends that know my secret) so I had some time to discuss all your suggestions with her. It was a good discussion and oddly not awkward as I thought it was going to be. I basically let her know that she had the power in this case and it was up to her to decide what to plan for our first time that was in my limits. We established the importance of safe words including one for full-stop and one for stopping an activity that one of us finds uncomfortable without breaking the entire atmosphere. She also expressed concerns with her inexperience and the fact that she isn't sure how she will do with all of this outside of text-based roleplay.

I directed her to a few guides for caretakers including the one on this site and told her to ask me about anything she wasn't sure I would be up to. This morning she texted me about breastfeeding and spanking. When it comes to breastfeeding I feel that that particular activity is not really on the table right now but it could change in the future. Spanking, on the other hand, is something that I would be into and I told her so. She was saying that she wasn't sure if she could bring herself to do it but the more she thought about it the more she opened up to the idea so I just reassured her that it was her decision and that I would allow it (if not enjoy it a little XD).

I'm awaiting to hear if there's anything more she wanted to ask of me so I will keep you all updated as to what we are deciding. I think next time we talk it will probably be about the more logistical side of things such as when to change and rules of the house and such. As much as I'm excited for this I'm also feeling incredibly nervous; I assume that's a bit of a first-timer thing though.

In other news I plan to get my first bottle and pacifier today or tomorrow and try them out tomorrow night. I will hopefully let you all know how that goes!


  1. BenTennyson's Avatar
    Wish you all the best for your first meeting
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