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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#181

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A very long day today.
Had to pick up another Asperger's/Autism friend of mine
in Lawrence, MA to travel down to the State Legislature
in Boston, MA to testify before the MA House of Rep-
resentatives Judiciary Committee regarding a Bill which
will protect adults with disabilities from having their
children taken away from them simply upon the grounds
of the parent/parents having disabilities.
A very long day.
I dropped my Asperger's/Autism friend back home where
he lives in Lawrence, MA, before returning back home to
try and wind-down for the rest of the evening before
I did feed my Guinea Pig pet friend a short time ago and
he is okay.
Anyway, I need to cool down, because it has been very
hot outside.
While I was down in Boston, MA, I, leg-braces and forearm
crutches older adult had to perform a lot of walking to and
from where I had to be today.
My spastic legs really feel fatigued and are hurting a bit.

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