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So for those of you that have been keeping up with me you know that I've discussed trying out my AB side with one of my good friends. To spare you the details we have already discussed some of our boundaries and are working out the logistics of the whole thing now (considering we both live with our parents).

The main reason I wanted to update is because of all the support I've been getting on my newer thread regarding what to do as a first timer. She isn't here right now but I plan to talk to her the moment she gets back and go over some of the ideas you great people have given me. I think at that point it's possible that we might discuss limits and maybe even start to think about when we might do it for the first time =3 It's all still a bit scary for me but I've been reassured that that's how it will feel at first so I'm also pretty excited to open up a new chapter in this part of my life.

Plan to keep this blog going so if you guys want to know what's going on with me and her in regards to this whole new world just stick around, you'll hear all about it!

Thanks again everyone!

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Adventures as a First Timer

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