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The Past and the Present

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Since I plan to be updating you all on my situation from time to time I thought it would be better to post blog posts rather than continue to add to the thread I have already wrote. For those of you that haven't seen the thread I will post what I have there on this blog.

First post
"Hello from a long-time lurker and first time poster. I've decided to post here because I know everyone here is very open and helpful when it comes to us newbies so I figured this would be the place to ask my questions. Firstly I think it's important to know that while my profile says "diaper lover" and "adult baby" I'm much more on the diaper lover side of things for the time being. The main reason for that is because I live at home and only have limited times that I am able to indulge in these activities. Another reason is just because there isn't anyone to fulfill the second role of the baby-adult pair.

Now for the actual reason I came here. Just last night, in the company of three of my closest friends, I told the only people that know about my kink that I enjoy this sort of thing. They were all accepting and didn't judge me (they're great like that) and we were all open enough to discuss each other's in one big revealing binge of sorts. Long story short I found that one of my other best friends has a daddy/mommy power exchange fetish with them being on either end of the relationship but even though she didn't outright say it I think she is much more of the dominating type than the submitting type. She told us this before I revealed my fetish.

I received a text this morning asking if we could talk so I said sure but she then told me she wanted to speak in person. Right now I'm set to speak with her on Tuesday and I think I know what it's going to be about (big surprise right?). The reason I'm discussing all of this is because while it may be a huge fantasy for most ABDL's (as it is for me) I'm very anxious to actually take the step from fantasy to reality if that's what she wants of me. She is one of my best friends in the world and I trust her with all my heart but there are some other complications that make the decision less clear and much more weighted.

The main issue that I see is the fact that she's my ex. We dated for about 15 months, the days of which I would never trade for the world. The reason we broke up (which happened about a year ago now) is because she was very interested in continuing the relationship in a sexual matter and I had just come to the realization that I was asexual. I broke it up because I didn't want to hold her back from finding true happiness with someone else that would be able to give her what she wants.

Now I have to immediately say that under no circumstances am I planning to rekindle that relationship. That aside I also see no problem with having a mommy-baby interaction with her that is outside of an actual lover's relationship. If this is what she plans on suggesting then I will only ever even think of accepting if she knows that our time as girlfriend-boyfriend ended a year ago.

Here's were I speak my own mind (finally). While I do think the idea is exciting and definitely a huge opportunity for me to act out on my desires I'm very apprehensive about the whole thing. I'm still beyond embarrassed about myself, as I'm sure many of you were/are too, and because of that I find the potential mommy to be both an exhilarating possibility and a taboo proposal. I've come to ask advice from the people here who have been in similar situations or just those who feel that they would be able to advise me in general. Any suggestions or anecdotes or even just words of calming are appreciated and I can't thank those of you who took the time to read this enough."

Update 1
"Update time! So I had the discussion with her and she said she would up to it so I think I'm going to give it a shot. I believe my next step is going to be creating a new thread regarding what to do to get us started since I'm primarily a DL at the moment and haven't really experimented with the AB side of things before. Thanks again for all the advice you've given me =3"

Now that I've gotten that out of the way I can continue with what's been going on more recently.

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Adventures as a First Timer

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