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I've learned and master the skills for my new job. It's a little boring already. My pay is now double. That is cool. I'm hoping to use the money to help me find my purpose in life. I find that I'm mostly insterested in the gaming industry. I don't know, but hopefully I can find something I would like.


  1. Starrunner's Avatar
    You doubled your pay? I'm jealous! Congratulations on doing that. At least it'll help ease how you're feeling about the work until you get what you really want.

    Any chance of affording your own place with the additional income?
  2. KryanAshford's Avatar
    Maybe what I don't have a credit score so no one will give me a apartment at a decent rate. Plus my dad hasn't really been on my case anymore. I now have a full time job with benefits, and I'm there more often than not. We never really see each other anymore. Don't get me wrong I want my own place, but I'm not worried about it right now.
  3. Starrunner's Avatar
    Well, I'm glad to hear that things have settled down at home. Hope it stays that way. On a positive note, that's two areas of your life where things have improved. Things are looking up!
  4. KryanAshford's Avatar
    Things are looking up. I'm hoping things stay this way for a while
  5. BluefireJay05's Avatar
    I am very glad to hear that things are looking up for you and that you learned those new skills. I am also glad to hear that your pay got double that is really awesome and yes I hope you find your purpose in life. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.