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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#178

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I have said before, that I "regress" to being a
2 year-old toddler all alone by myself and I do
not involve anyone else in my regression.
I am in toddler mode this afternoon.
I had my long Sunday afternoon nap diapered
and lying still and quiet in my bed.
2 year-olds are forced by their Mommy and
Daddy to "sit on the potty" to be "clean and
I did say the other day, that the "Adult Plastic-
Pail Potty Chair" is a form of "imprisonment" for
a totally incontinent Autistic adult like myself
who also has Cerebral Palsy.
Without an adult diaper on, simply to save on
disposable adult diaper usage, even if the diapers
I use all the time are the "cheap" WALGREEN'S
CERTAINTY XL-size adult diapers, my physical
world has shrunk to whatever is physically in
reach of my hands as I sit for hours on this
Adult Potty Chair and use it with the old under-
bed tray table as my computer desk for my
laptop computer using place.
To help me maintain my cognitive/emotional
self-regulation I am of course sitting here mute
and self-rocking , a normal calming behavior for
an autistic person, and clutched under my arm I
am hugging my dolly friend, "Emily".
Hugging any one or more of my soft dolly friends
feels good an does make me happy, despite
being "self-imprisoned" for hours on this steel and
plastic special "sit diaper-less chair", and allowing
all the pee-pee in my body to come out
"Mixed" adult diaper and adult plastic-pail potty-
chair use is not uncommon for us adults with
lifelong physical and developmental disabilities.

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