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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#174

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For me, the only way to be free of wearing adult
diapers is to simply use my "Adult Plastic Pail
Potty Chair" here in my bedroom.
The down-side, is that with my unpredictable and
uncontrollable bladder and bowel voiding, I am
"imprisoned" to sitting for hours and hours, alone
by myself "utterly naked" on this "Hell Chair".
Right now, the physical fluid level of my pee-pee
in the Hell Chair Pail is 1.0 inches. This is a couple
of days of pee-pee with the exception of being
totally diapered through the night and at nap times,
and only being diapered to go out in my handicapped
adapted car on a couple of grocery store errands.
Yes! One does use "less diapers", but the down-side
is that for most all the time while being awake, I am
"self-imprisoned" here alone in my bedroom, with only
this laptop computer as my only means of communicating
with the outside world as an older 57 year-old adult with
Autism and Cerebral Palsy.

Well, here I am, a mentally retarded and crippled older
totally incontinent adult, in self-imposed "imprisonment",
and sitting on my "Plastic-Pail Hell Chair"...

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