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My past just caught up with me

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I was devastated when I found this picture on deviantart.
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Name:	was_it_me__by_destiossdezak-d8vfhfm.jpg 
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(Source: Destiossdezak from - Was-it-me)
A real blast into the past since this pretty accurately depicts my permanent emotional state when I was a kid, lying in my bed after dark.
Still scared looking at this. I think I'll keep it on my HDD anyway. For me, regression involves every emotion not only a select few.
I am not looking forward to the next time being in little space but I feel that its necessary to include these memories and feelings. Time will tell.


  1. BenTennyson's Avatar
    I didn't have the guts yet. I shut this picture out of my mind like I did with anything else, worth forgetting about my past.
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