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Going to be a full time diapered sissy baby!

I has been a long time since I post here

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Since I last blogged a couple years ago, a lot has happened.

My wife has always known I am incontinent and have worn diapers and plastic panties all of my life. My mom told her before we got married. I had planned to do this. Anyway she also told her about mom letting me play a sissy baby over the years.

She was fine with the diapers but not sure about the other. She has known I dress as sissy baby cuz she has found my stuff of which I have a lot. Pretty hard to hide it, :smile1:

Since the beginning she has always night diapered me as she says she does not want to wake up wet. This insures they are on correctly and my plastic baby panties are on right.

My parents always referred to my plastics as "plastic baby panties". My wife even uses that term.

Anyway, to catch up. When my wife got home from her trip that I last blogged about she said she had been talking to my elderly mother a lot on the phone during her free time. She was going to make some changes.

She had me bring all of my baby bottles, nipples etc, baby bibs and formula to the kitchen. She asked if I had any baby food. I did and she asked I bring it there also. She had made room in the cupboard and a drawer for this stuff.

We sat down and had a long, very long talk about my sissy baby play.

She told me that she was ok with my drinking almost everything from baby bottles. I was to start wearing a plastic baby bib whenever I eat. She even sent me shopping to buy Gerber stage 3 baby food!

Since this time she has been making me 3 baby bottles of warm infant formula a day. One for breakfast, one for my night diapering and one to take to bed. She also is clipping a pink NUK 6 pacifier to my clothes when ever I am home.

She now seems comfortable with me dresses as sissy baby, in dresses etc when home. She says NO BABY stuff during sex however!

She is totally blind and con not see anything but has had me go on Ebay and look up AB sissy things. She has me describe them to her and she has even encouraged me to buy a few things.

Often during the day she changes my diapers. She really likes me new diaper pins. I have pink ducks and yellow ducks and Hello Kitty.

I am not completely sure what has brought this on however my mom has been here for dinner a number of times. She has told my mom she'd like me in a dress and petticoats.

As a child it was mom who let me dress up and continue over the years. She always enjoyed the time with he diapered sissy baby.

I have been called out as a liar before for sharing this stuff. I enen got some negative marks on this site years ago. I really do not care if anyone believes me or not. I know the truth.

At this moment, I am wearing double cloth diapers and pink baby print plastic bay panties, a diaper shirt that says Baby Girl, a lavender romper with snap crotch and a little ballerina sewn on the bib. It is unseasonably warm here today. My wife just handed me a baby bottle of cool water and told me to drink it.

Will share more later but need to go eat my lunch. I am having cheese fish, a cold hot dog sliced into pennys and an orange.
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  1. caitianx's Avatar
    You seem very happy being a little girl.
    At least your wife is understanding of this part of you being yourself.
  2. Scaramouche's Avatar
    I didn't get to say good bye. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.