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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#172

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It is late evening and as usual, I am watching DVD's.
All day today it has been raining outside. Therefore,
I was not able to go outside to quietly play with my
NERF toy guns and to make another little short NERF
War video.
I did have to go out in my handicapped-adapted car
over to the WALMART on NH Route 28 here in Salem,
NH for some Soda Pop and some Baby Wipes.
This afternoon I had a nap from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
After my nap, all I had for Supper was 2 Bologna and
Cheese Sandwiches.
The answer is "NO!!!!!", I can not afford anything like
"Steak" on my low SSDI fixed income.
Of course, Presidential Candidates are all calling me a
"Moocher", because as a physically and developmentally
disabled older adult I am not employed, even at a job
cleaning shit-filled toilets in a fucking "Booze Store",
frequented by low-life criminal scum and alcoholics for
"Minimum Wage" which can not be survived on with the
cost of living so darn high here in New Hampshire.
As a physically and developmentally disabled older
adult I sort of am getting tired of being openly "shit-on"
by "Republicans" who have no fucking concept of what
it is really like for an older physically and developmentally
disabled adult like myself who has to "live in abject
poverty", because "no fucking employer will hire me",
because the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor I was
stuck with from 2003 to 2006 up and contacted every
potential employer here in New Hampshire when she
found out I was a Homosexual and told them all that I
was "morally unfit for employment", despite not ever
having any kind of criminal record.
I am damn sorry.
I am just telling all my other Autistic and Cerebral Palsy
Adult Baby friends here exactly what happened to me.
My employability was irrevocably destroyed for life by
the New Hampshire State Department of Vocational
Rehabilitation for the Disabled.

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