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May Update

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I've totally missed my mark in doing a monthly blog. I guess I can forgive myself since there was nothing new in April. Lately I've been busy with work also I've been dying from pollen allergies even though I like the summer, this is probably the worst time of year for me. Anyways I've kind of been in a lazy depressed mood lately. I feel like I need a change of some sort. I need something exciting in my life. I've been mainly having routine days. Go to work, get off, eat dinner, chill, sleep, and repeat. I haven't had to much little time either. I was able to be little yesterday though which did brighten up my day a little bit.

I've been trying to play more games or watch movies or anime, but it seems my attention span is pretty short. I did get GTA V for PC which was kind of fun but then I got annoyed playing online. I do have to say though, the story mode is pretty good. I've also been playing a lot of AdVenture Capitalist, just another clicking game. I hear the Steam Summer sale is around the corning. I'm not sure if my credit cards can handle that this year.

I've been checking and it does seem that we've had some people playing minecraft lately. I've been trying to work on a updated minecraft server, however FTB has been updating almost every week.

Anyways that's all the news I have for this Month. Hopefully things pick up. Thanks for reading

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