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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#171

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I will admit to feeling rather cognitively/emotionally
stressed the last couple of days.
Yesterday I had to have an expensive repair performed
on my handicapped-adapted car.
Replacing front brakes is expensive.
Today I had to be at the monthly Autistic Self Advocacy
Network meeting for my area.
We need to refocus upon working to shut-down the
"infamous" Judge Rotenberg Center which is still using
electric shock punishment treatments on severely
autistic children and adults in their care.
After the meeting we continued "civil rights" business
at the "Not Your Average Joe's" Restaurant in the
center of Watertown, MA.
Anyway, I apologize for only having not much "little"
time in the last couple of days, except for my bedtime
at around 1:30 AM.
In retirement, I seem to be busier than when I was
At least I am getting "something" accomplished with
my own autism civil rights advocacy.
Anyway, I have had a "long" day, and right now on my
old analog TV, I am watching an episode of "THE

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