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Finding peace through this Consciousness

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Ever question the meaning of this world? Question the creation of this cosmo's, a masterpiece popped into existence billions and billions of years ago. All the hot gases cooled down over billions of years forming trillions of planets. Here on earth, it took several more billions of years to come up with just the right primordial elements to lead towards the creation of basic life.

Many billions of years later through the process of evolution, we come to find a unique evolutionary trait rises through homo sapiens. Through an increased output in the frontal cortex, consciousness has been formed in our species. Rational thoughts, creativeness, firemaking, agriculture, speech. We all have thanks a unique disposition we stumbled upon through evolutionary adaption.

In doing so we've also discovered mortality though. The concept that we will not last forever. That to some, this consciousness is only thanks to neurological processes through the brain. Without it, Eternal Oblivion awaits one after one draws their last breath.

What is this life, when one questions the meaning to it all. If the world according to science is that of chaos and nothing more, is there a point to anything? I feel like I question everything. I question how we live our lives as a species. Are we doomed to fail like so many other species? I don't know how to feel. Perhaps i'm going mad.


  1. ozbub's Avatar
    You and almost every other thinking person. Unless it is a particular obsession of yours, maybe you should just accept the awesome privilege of existing in this time and enjoy all that it has to offer....respectful of yourself, others, and the absolutely amazing world that we have of course. I'm not sure about the eternal proposition of consciousness. I do marvel at how incredible it is on one hand, and how seemingly pointless it is on the other, except for how it helps us to experience more completely all the diversities of our existence. I love my consciousness, it's the heart of my imagination, the place I never want to grow out maybe that's why Im still little inside. Long live consciousness, and if it magically continues beyond the physicality of this world, then let's hope it's at least as amazing as my imagination.
  2. KryanAshford's Avatar
    Add me to this group. I think to this point far too often. I prefer using my skills to think of new ideas and items. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.