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Sometimes Life DOES Throw You a Bone

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Alright, some of you may remember that thread I posted way back in....March I believe? Anyways, I had been asking advice on coming out to my girlfriend about my AB side and as I said I would, I did tell her a couple days ago. Needless to say, I was stupid and did it over skype IM chat instead of in person, but she took it well enough. Over the last couple days I have talked with her more about it in person and even showed her my pacifiers, bottle, and my diapers too. She said all of it was cute and was totally accepting of me. ^^ So yeah, she knows all about everything now and it's taken such a load off of my back. I'm totally excited about being able to live with her this August, just have to find a decent apartment first.
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  1. LilByte's Avatar
    Congrats on a good outcome. Hope every thing continues to go well.
  2. LilMarky's Avatar
    You get a giant gold medal for bravery!
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