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Why I'm here: The part that is a bridge to the next part. (Part 2 for numbering sticklers)

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Another site, another dollar...Hey! Where's my dollar!?!?

Ok, I know I promised this to a few people about a month ago, but...well, life. And honestly, I wanted to plot it out in my head for awhile, because I want to get it right. It's important to me that this doesn't come off like a bad personal ad. You know the ones:

ia dipperboy look 4 mommy 2 play wif

Yuck, right? Who needs another one of those? What I want to do is explain myself to those who want to know me better, whether it's someone who is interested in a relationship or a potential new friend. And honestly, I feel like putting it all down will help solidify my needs and desires within my own head. It's as much for me as its for you. So there's that. And subsequently, here's this.

In the first part of this entry, I told you the sad tale of the sudden breakup of a long, loving relationship. And I feel that a short bridge is needed to explain how that brought me to [Naughty website self-censored for littler ears!]. Don't worry, it's not very long, and it's not too boring.

It wasn't too long after B-day (breakup day, that is) that my thoughts began to allow themselves to open up to the idea of rekindling my little fire. I began to search out old haunts, bought a few things, played a little here and there and just generally eased back into things. A friend of mine, who was going through similar trials at the same time, confided to me that she was into BDSM, which prompted me to tell her that I also had "a thing" and I was doing the same starving kitten routine. (You gotta be careful when feeding a hungry stray, sometimes they'll eat so much they'll get sick or worse!) We bonded over that, our similar circumstances and a loneliness that pushed us towards the inevitable. You know what I night. We commiserated and comforted and just generally helped eachother out over movies good and bad. It was during the first of these Wednesdays that she told me she was on [Naughty website self-censored for littler ears!]. She started to explain what it was and I just smiled and cut her off.

"Oh, I remember[Naughty website self-censored for littler ears!] ," I said snarkily.

That night, after I went home, before I went to bed, even though I had to work early the next morning I set up the account on which you are reading this pitiful ramble. And I haven't looked back since. In fact, I'm doing the exact opposite! I've made some [Naughty website self-censored for littler ears!]friends, seen billions of pictures, read some stuff joined some groups, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. And in a few days? Well, ladies and gents, I'm going to a get together in a real life place, with real life people and talk in, well, real life! Gods I'm nervous and excited. Look for a post on that soon, because it's sure to be a unique experience.

And here I am! Here I am! Look at me, look at me, look at me!

Ever wonder what a dog would do with a car if he ever caught one? Well, that's the predicament in which I currently find myself. I'm here and available and friendly and growing and changing and learning...but toward what end? What do I want? What would I say if someone did approach me about...stuff?

Well, I'm sorry to do this to you folks, but I'm in dire need of breakfast and more coffee. I've got some things to do. I think we all know that real life comes first, right? But don't worry, I'm off all day and once the hay is mended, the fences are baled, the cow is walked and the dog is milked, I'll come back and finish this thing. It's really more for me than anyone else, so it would behoove me to do it sooner rather than later. I may be little in the mind, but I'm growdup in the brain. I know what's best for me, when it comes down to it.

See ya next time when I sell myslef to potential mates, friends, ex-friends and assorted pervs!

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