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The ABC's of AB

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This is transferred from my blog from another site. In fact, I'll be posting quite a few from there. Geronimo!

The ABC's of AB's
by Lil Marky

A is for Adult Baby, it's true,
Those folks who feel childish, like me and like you!

B is for bABy, the age that I wish,
And Bottles for sucking, and Bottoms that squish.

C is for coloring, which I still enjoy
And Caregivers who Change us, each wee girl and boy.
Oh! And Cradle and Crib, if they're big enough for us.
But please don't just put us in there and ignore us.

D is for DIAPER! My favorite part!
They cradle our bottoms when we're tiny at heart.
Oh Diapers, they soak up your accidents too,*
Your tinkle and, if you insist, your poo poo...
(Frankly that part of it make me say ewww,
But if that makes you happy, then bully for you!)

E is for eBay, a great place to shop
For the items like onesies with snaps that go pop!

F is for Footies, pajamas so snug.
Easy open for changing, like wearing a hug.
(I suppose that F is is for Fetish as well,
But calling it that just don't ring my bell.
I'd rather say lifestyle, or something less clinical.
'Cause calling it a Fetish seems so grownup and cynical.)

G is for Gaga, and Gurgle and Goo,
Which are sounds that some babies make, and some adults too!
(I know that the baby talk ain't all that key,
But there's not much out there beginning with G)

H is for Hugs, and Happiness too!
And Hands on the Hinies of the you?

I is for Innerkid, the youngster Inside,
Who we let out in private, but in public we hide.

J is for Jammies, for sleep or for play,*
When we don't want to wear grownup clothes the whole day.

K is for Kisses, on mouth or on cheek,
Conveying the love and the care that we seek.
Oh Kiss my sweet tummy, my hands or my Knee,
And I'll wriggle and squirm while I giggle with glee!

L is for lots of things, but most of all Love.
Love for the Littles from all those above.*
It might sound too sappy, but Listen and heed it,
All humans on Earth, big or Little, we need it.

M is for Mommy, not bio but play,
Who Make our lives better, who structure the day.
They wipe our wet bottoms and feed hungry faces.
They zip up our jammies and tie up our laces.
(And even though Daddy doesn't start with an M,
For those who would have one, we can't forget him!)

N is for Nipple, on bottle or breast,*
Which Nourishes tummies upon our request.
(It's also for Nappy, that's British, you see,
For the item upon you that *holds all the pee!)

O is for Over-the-knee, you bad baby.
Did I do something wrong to deserve it? Well...maybe.
And Onesie, it also begins with an O.
It covers our diapers so they, mostly, don't show.

P is for Pacifier, also called dummy.
They don't wrinkle like thumbs, and they're almost as yummy!
And don't forget Plastic Pants, crinkly and loud.
And Pretty Pink Petticoats, if you're in that crowd.

Q is for Quiet, it's time for a nap.
Thumb in mouth and eyes closed, you're asleep in a snap.

R is for Running around in our skin,
Wearing only a diaper to keep messy stuff in.
And if diapers won't hold all the moisture alright?
Try pants made of Rubber, they'll seal you up tight.

S is for Stuffies, our bestest of friends!
It's also for Sissy, and Soaked, like our ends.

T is for Thumbs, from Norths or from Souths,
That Twiddle on Tummies, or wrinkle in mouths.
And Tinkle's a T word that all of us know.
Is it Time for a Teetee? Then look out below!
(And then there is Toilet, which fills us with fright!
It has twoT's, like potty. Now that's just not right.)

U is for Underwear, padded and soft,
And thick in the middle, 'case our timing is off.
We tried hard to hold it, it truly is so!
I guess we're not ready. Back to diapers we go!

V is for Valid and Valued, you know,
Like our feelings and needs, things we struggle to show.
And I guess it's for Vap-o-Rub, if sickness has got 'em.
And, yes, it's for Vaseline, to sooth your red bottom!

W is for Wetspot, which form when we leak.
And for Wipes used to make us so clean that we squeak!

X is for Xylophone and also X-ray,
And that's all there is for the X's today.
(I suppose there's X-rated, for some sorts of play.
Not everyone likes it, but try may...)

Y is for Yelling, when you're not there to hear,*
And we must get our messages out loud and clear.
It's also for Yellow, for boys or for girls.
There's just too much pink and blue stuff in this world.
(Yes, Yellow is also the color of wee.
But I'm trying to not be so vulgar, you see?)

Z is the letter we find at the end.
And there aren't many words that apply here my friend.
So put on a clean diaper, and curl up in bed,
Pop in your paci, and lay down your head.
I hope that your dreams are as sweet as can be.
You're eyelids are drooping, and soon you'll say...


  1. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    This was adorable... ♥

    You are 100% wrong about there being too much pink stuff. THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH PINK STUFF! Imagine me saying with my arms flailing about wildly.

    Still, super cute.
  2. LilMarky's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by gigglemuffinz
    This was adorable... ♥

    You are 100% wrong about there being too much pink stuff. THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH PINK STUFF! Imagine me saying with my arms flailing about wildly.

    Still, super cute.
    I bow to the power of pink, if only in deference to you. I'm a yellow kinda guy myself. Why? Because it's the color of DUCKIES!
  3. Entropio's Avatar
    I like teal cos it's the color of platypusses, but that's an awsome ABC... I wonder if there's one for just Littles too...
  4. LilMarky's Avatar
    Make one up! That's what I did! Or heck, maybe someday I'll do it myself. An epic tribute to those who are little but not padded!
  5. Entropio's Avatar
    I might have to do that actually!
  6. Ian16545's Avatar
    Spot on, Marky! Say, you've shown me yours—now I'll show you mine:

    A was an ABDL nursery, in which:
    B bathed you
    C cuddled you
    D diapered you
    E entertained you
    F fed you
    G giggled with you
    H hugged you
    I idolized you
    J joked with you
    K kissed you goodnight
    L loved you
    M made you feel at home
    N nurtured you
    O ogled at you
    P played with you
    Q quieted you down
    R rocked you
    S sang to you
    T tickled you
    U understood you
    V vitalized you
    W watched over you
    And X, Y, Z and ampersand
    Can't imagine a stay as grand. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.