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been busy

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well hello everyone
I posted on her a few days ago and have just been super busy since my last post haven't. I am in the process of trying to get finalized with my divorce, starting school, getting settled in my new home with my lovely women, and starting my book. plus work lol. I know it may seem like a lot but I love it home is almost settled a few odds and ends nothing major, the book will in my opinion be the hardest part, everything else will be easy especially school considering im finally going for what I love to do more then anything, (emergency mangment). I told you all last time that I told my girlfriend that I like to wear diapers and she was ok with it and even surprised me once by wearing a diaper while I was out. to my surprise to come home and see her in a diaper made me the happiest I have been in all 7 of my years I was married to my ex wife, it just funny to me that someone can get me so well in less time then someone I spent years with I wouldn't trade her for anything. shes amazing she touch my back last night and I instantly felt at peace it was amazing, I can not find any way to describe it to anyone it was the most intimate passionate touch I have had in years I love her so much, well I must get back to my work until next time may you all find peace and happiness

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