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Finally figured out an avatar

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... So, what do you think? (Yeah I'm obsessed with him... Hate the show, but obsessed with him, and after the new show has the "change" then Im considering a new one)


  1. Scaramouche's Avatar
    Interesting avatar but it doesn't show up in the blog. :/

    for those of us who are behind in our cartoon watching, who is it?
  2. KryanAshford's Avatar
    Two face
  3. LilMarky's Avatar
    I'm not sure how anyone could hate Batman: The Animated Series, but it takes all types. And better this one than Tommy Lee Jones...
  4. Entropio's Avatar
    LilMarky - I like Tommy Lee Jones He's my fave TF so far... Mostly because he was my first TF, and it the closest I can get to my pairing (AkhamShipping - aka Twiddler) ...

    It's funny, I cant stand Bats, but I'm obsessed with Two-Face and Riddler... *shrug*

    And I just don't like Batman, or many of the villains. *shrug* so it's a boring show if they don't have my faves on an episode... That said - if other people like it, then good for them!

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