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New gig, new nerves.

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Well, as those who've read my blogs--or those who race to catch up now--will know, I've lately quit my job of 16 years in preparation for a move. Actually, my job ends next week, but I'm taking a Vacation of Death right now. The move happens mid-next month. And now I have a new job, starting on July 1! With so much change crammed into one month, what's there to be nervous about?!

(In completely unrelated news, one of my eyelids has grown a mind of its own.)

I'll be moving from a company of nearly 100,000 people to a company of five people. And making a lot less money. And it's an independent contractor gig, which means I have to register a business entity for myself, pay my own federal withholding taxes, etc. As if I needed more complexity! But it's not all bad, or I wouldn't have taken it. For one, the hours are a very friendly 10am-5pm, which works well for me as I'll be commuting by ferry boat. The work is a blend of hardware and software development, invoking a number of my hobby interests, which I'm really looking forward to. Finally, the owner of the company is a genuinely cool guy who doesn't seem the micromanaging type. That could go either way, of course, for somebody like me who's used to all kinds of systematized feedback on his performance. We'll see!

So! *rubs hands together eagerly* Let's get this done, 'cause I want to enjoy my summer, and all this shit is in the way!!


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    Sounds like fun! Always nice when a job aligns with one's hobbies/interests. Hope the move and job go well. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.