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Trans & Gender Queer/Fluid & Questioning Skype Group Chat - 1st Chat May 31st 5PM PST!

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Blogging this for extra visibility!

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well, since I'm impatient, here goes :P

Hi there! I thought it might be pertinent to set up something in the same vein for exclusively Trans/Gender-variant people/Questioning folk and see if there was much interest.

This will not be limited to EC+'s, everyone trans/gender-variant/Questioning is welcome, however I do not wish this to be a 'sissy/crossdresser/Transvestism (fetishistic)' chat so I'm sorry but those people won't be added.

Topics are whatever you like, whether that be about gender identity, transition, whats going on in your life and they can be ABDL/Little stuff too, I wish for this chat to be a 'come whenever you like' kind of thing (24/7) but I do believe some scheduled nights are a good idea as well :3

If you are interested in having such a place, please inbox me your skype name, if you wish to voice suggestions/concerns/ideas/happy 'YES THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!' posts, feel free to do so below.

The reason for inboxing is for privacy reasons (something I know alot of trans/gender-variant people take seriously and I do as well) so that only those cleared by me (and potentially a couple 'co-leaders' that have yet to be decided upon) and myself are aware of private skype names/personal names if you use them on your skype account.

As for a scheduled evening chat, I propose every other sunday, which means the first one would be May 31st @ 5PM Pacific Standard Time (this is my timezone so I have to make it earlier for the east coasters, sorry!)

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