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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#168

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I had a m mixed day today.
Some "adult" tasks and activities, and some
"little" time.
I had to spend time up at the Derry, NH
Community Public-Access CATV Channel to
upload and start editing a TV show of my
own creation about captive primate behavior.
When I returned home, from 3:30 PM to
6:30 PM, I had "baby time" and a nap, safe
and loved in my bed with "Howard Hug", my
newest teddy bear friend.
After my nap I had Supper, just a Chicken
Salad Sandwich and a few "Cheetos" Cheese
My little non-disabled brother sent me out
over to the Market Basket Supermarket in the
Salem Plaza Shopping Center for a quart of
sugarless Ice Cream.
My little brother has severe late-onset Diabetes.
It is the only version of Ice Cream he is allowed
to eat.
I have of course been spending my evening here
at home watching TV.
On WGBH-DT, Channel 2, PBS, I watched
I then watched online the BBC documentary,
Anyway, I am comfortable now wearing nothing
but my diaper, after undressing and taking off
my AFO leg braces too.
I am now watching the BBC documentary
series, "STARGAZING LIVE" from several years
I watch a lot of factual documentaries, along with
cartoons and kid-vid.
I always end my day around 1:00 AM with listening
to the live BBC news feed relayed by WBUR-FM,
90.9 MHz, Boston University Radio, which is an NPR
[National Public Radio] affiliated station out of
Compared to the BBC News, FOX News is mostly
fantasy made-up shit that is essentially neo-fascist
I prefer "the truth", coming from the BBC, instead of
"total lies and falsehood coming from American News
Media outlets.

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