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BLFC and More!

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I got home from BLFC or for those who don't know what that is, Biggest Little Fur Con, which is in Reno NV. This year was FREAKING FLIPPING FANTASTIC! Never before have I been to a convention where the con staff is so interactive with the theme.

The theme this year was a dystopian society, so think police state, hunger games, the giver, north korea style convention that at first I was iffy on, thinking "How are they going to pull this one off?" But OMG, did they do it. So the con staff played the part of the controlling government with their leader being a bear named Brometheus. The con would play these public service announcements that would say things like "Biggest Little Brother reminds you to take part in activities" and other such things. There were also propaganda posters all around the Con space. Everything was black and white.

The fursuit tags were collars with bar codes on them, that you could actually scan and get a number, I got #583. But eventually, people started to rebel against the con staff, posters were being vandalized with colorful pictures and the con staff kept posting to twitter that the resistance would be stopped at all costs. A couple of my friends stole some Boxes with the con logo on them colored them with their characters, then tweeted to the con, "We have your supplies, if you want them back we demand collars."

Con staff tweeted back to them "We don't negotiate with terrorists, but if you bring back our supplies we will be lenient." So my friends took the boxes back down and swapped them with clean boxes and took those to con staff, after they left with their goodies, they threw the colored on boxes into con ops. about 30 minutes later a tweet showed up saying "The staff member who accepted the decorations back must have been blind and is now going under reeducation".

Never before have I seen a con have so much fun with the theme. Next years theme is called the Resistance, a continuation of the last one. I cannot wait.

I got to do Go-Karts in my fursuit, which is such a blast. I also went to my first ever Cub Party, which was a pants only party and since I didn't have any padding, I was offered some snuggies, or should I say forced into some snuggies, I was asked if I wanted to put it on myself, I said it didn't matter to me, which apparently to a caretaker means that I get shoved onto a bed, pants ripped off and diapered on the spot. Very thrilling experience, also part of a fantasy for me to have that done. Got to say Snuggies are not as thick as I thought they would be, but very babyish.

The con had 2443 people with 707 fursuiters in the parade and 37,000 Raised for the charity, Safe Haven Animal Rescue.

My flight home was not so much fun, I got stuck in Arizona for 4 hours, but got a $100 voucher due to the delay.

On a personal side note I got a custom diaper commission from Lizab on Furaffinity and if no one has seen his work

Very amazing stuff and it is the most comfortable thing I have ever worn.


  1. Snowfall's Avatar
    That all sounds so awesome! Really cool that they managed to raise a bunch of money for charity too
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  2. KittyninjaW's Avatar
    That actually sounds neat FauxPas, and to be honest kind of fun really, I wish I could have gone. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.