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Transgender Thoughts

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I'm a girl, there is no denying that ;) I really want to be more feminine and wear girl dresses and bras, as well as girl diapers, I love men but I'm romantically attracted to females, I don't really like my body parts, sure I don't mind them, but it would be better if I had the right parts you know, I'm going to have to wait until I move out of home to be my true gender, I'm closeted and Don't feel the urge to tell anyone other then the community as no one here, knows who I am in real life, acting my true gender makes me feel better about myself, even though no one else knows I do have some female like characteristics that I tend to show, unintentionally, such as leg crossing, and other girly actions, that I don't really notice I do, I can't believe I've ignored the fact that I'm female on the inside, like seriously most men don't get jealous that a girl looks cuter the them, and the fact they have better clothes then you.

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