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Any Bronies/Pegasisters Around?

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I'm just curious if there are any, and if so, Wanna talk ponies?

Personally I'm a Draconequuis fan myself, and I have a baby Discord teddy I love to pieces, but just whatever's cool I guess...

So, let's talk. ^^


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  1. cozycandyfly's Avatar
    I like my little pony, does that count ;)
  2. Entropio's Avatar
    Yeah sure. ^^ Is Pinkie your favourite?
  3. cozycandyfly's Avatar
    Hell yes :)
  4. Entropio's Avatar
    Out of the mane six, mines Fluttershy, but best pony is Vinyl In my opinion.
  5. cozycandyfly's Avatar
    :) nice.
  6. Entropio's Avatar
    What about you? Why other favourites do you have?
  7. cozycandyfly's Avatar
    Twilight Sparkle, I like the girly ones.
  8. Entropio's Avatar
    Twilight is my gf's favourite too, my other fave in the mane six (other than flutters) is Rainbow (go Pegasi!)
  9. boobybird89's Avatar
    Brony here, Fluttershy is my favorite.
  10. Entropio's Avatar
    Yeah, she's awesome.
  11. Snivy's Avatar
    Derpy Hooves~
  12. Entropio's Avatar
    Now that you mention it, yeah, she's probably at the top of most people's list.
  13. Paddedwolf's Avatar
    Out of main 6 I like Rainbow Dash, but my favorate over all is Derpy
  14. Entropio's Avatar
    Yeah, Rainbow is my second fave in the Mane 6. Actually - question time:

    Mane 6:
    BG Pony:

    For me, it's...
    Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash (it sometimes varies, like today)
    Vinyl Scratch
    See above answer XD
  15. Adventurer's Avatar
    There are lots of us here! We've even got a group dedicated to all things pony. Come on by and say hi!

    For me, my responses would be:
    Mane 6: Fluttershy
    Filly/colt: undecided, I like all the Cutie Mark Crusaders
    Background pony: Dr. Whooves
    Non-Pony: Discord
  16. ApplePi's Avatar
    Mane 6: Rainbow Dash / Apple Jack / and sure Pinkie Pie make me laugh
    Background pony: Derpy Hooves / Big Macintosh
    Filly/colt: undecided
    Non-Pony: Owlicious
    Updated 14-May-2015 at 23:06 by ApplePi
  17. Entropio's Avatar
    That's one I forgot!
    Fave pet:

    For me, it's a tie between Tank and Angel. I love Angel's spunk, but Tak has that 20% cooler factor, and not just cos he's Rainbow's
  18. ApplePi's Avatar
    I forgot about Angel. heh cute bunny
  19. atechno's Avatar
    Yay ponies For me:

    Mane 6: Rainbow Dash
    Filly/Colt: Scootaloo
    BG Pony: Colgate
    Pet: Philomena
    Princess: Luna
  20. Entropio's Avatar
    Oh right, princess!

    Does Alicorn princess Discord count? XD (Seriously though - Luna)
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