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I'm a girl :)

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I'm transgender, I'm starting to accept it fully, I love girls clothes, I get really jealous over girls who look better then me, I feel like I'm supposed to have girly parts, It feels awkward to have male parts, really want to look like a girl on the outside, its something I want, I want to wear a nice bra and a really cute pink dress because I'm a girl, I should be wearing girl things, I love and see myself as a women, I absolutely love pink diapers :)

I'm sitting here wearing girly underwear, and sitting here with my legs cross picturing myself as female, because that is what I truly am, it feels awkward having the wrong body.

I want to break free, but I'm a trapped butterfly, I'm stuck with my male body, I don't hate it, I just prefer if i had a female one because that fits who I feel like on the inside, I'm secretive about my ABDL/Transgender side, but I truly am a female on the inside, I'm sensitive and I cry.

I can't tell anyone because society is full of transphobia, homophobia ect.

Only if were lived in a world that had no hate, and where everyone had love for each other, doubt that will ever happen.


  1. Snowfall's Avatar
    Congrats on fully accepting yourself I hate the amount of transphobia and homophobia in the world today as bad as it is though things are getting slowly better. Maybe start by telling your close friends how you feel, talk to your doctor too, they should be able to refer you to someone who can help.

    Don't lose faith that we'll never live in a world without hate, just do your part to love everybody and try to understand other people ^_^
  2. cozycandyfly's Avatar
    naww, thanks :)
  3. boobybird89's Avatar
    That's wonderful, I hope you can make that all happen! I'm also transgender..
  4. cozycandyfly's Avatar
    [QUOTE=boobybird89;bt36834]That's wonderful, I hope you can make that all happen! I'm also transgender..[/QUOTE]

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